Controlled Substances

Alpha Psychiatric Services will provide certain controlled substances for patients diagnosed with anxiety and attention deficit disorders. All patients (parents and guardians) will be required to sign a controlled substance contract.

Medication Management in Chesapeake

Policy Overview

  • Patients may be called in for an unannounced drug screen or pill account at any time during their treatment. The patient must appear by 5 PM on the day they are notified. Failure to appear may result in discharge from being prescribed controlled substances.
  • Patient's will be asked to limit pharmacies to no more than TWO.
  • Patients are required to complete a drug screen prior to receiving any controlled substance and at ANY time during their treatment.
  • If the drug screen is positive for any illicit substances (i.e. meth, cocaine) or for medications that are not prescribed for the patient, the patient will be discharged from the use of controlled substances. If the patient is thought to be in danger of withdrawal, a 30 day supply will be provided for the patient. The patient will then be responsible for finding another provider who will prescribe controlled substances. The patient may continue to be a patient with APS for non-controlled medications.
  • If a drug screen is negative for medication that should be in the patient's system, the patient will be discharged from being prescribed controlled substances.